Software application for managing health and safety at work services, with solutions for best practices and accident prevention methods. Using an advanced digital signature system, like DocuSign, the signing process becomes simple and fast, done via SMS, without any configuration required.

We offer free access to the platform, along with all existing features, such as document generation, using document templates, a calendar, etc. with the exception of using electronic signatures for document signing, which comes with a cost.


  • Through the software platform you can:
  • Save costs and earn more. You save transportation costs, transportation time, and you can process many more clients in a truly efficient way.
  • Create all the necessary documentation, and sign all documents digitally very easily.
  • Obtain and maintain a work environment free from accidents by easily using and implementing all the suggestions and plans offered.
  • Manage, save, and access all your company's documents.
  • Collaborate very easily, having all the documents in one place.
  • Learn and be much more prepared to prevent accidents.
  • We want to help you focus on what really matters, by providing all the necessary resources to make your work easier.
  • We offer you the possibility to process many more clients, faster, saving time and money on both transportation and documents.
  • You have and offer the assurance that the records are signed on time, and that the data is correct.
  • Fixed price per number of documents generated, regardless of the number of employees.
  • Using our application, you have 100% assurance that the documents are legal, at the best price on the market.

Our goal is to help you prevent accidents, be safe, and improve your workflow.

Prevention, OHS and Digitalization

OHS Digitalization

  • Productivity and Efficiency => You save money, time, and paper,, by reducing the need for transportation and through digitalization.
  • We help you prevent workplace accidents! => We help you implement the best practices, and prevent workplace accidents.
  • Legality and Promptness => Using an accredited system, you are assured that documents are 100% legal, and you have the ability to generate documents, at any time, from any device, with only an internet connection needed.
  • Employee Safety => We help you create a safer work environment, offering safety for your employees.
  • Avoid sanctions and litigation => Using a digital platform, you reduce up to 99% of penalties knowing when and what documents are necessary.
  • Moral Responsibility => You have the peace of mind and assurance that all employees and collaborators are protected and the documents are correctly created.
  • Software for the management of occupational health and safety services, employer/employee/workplace management, and documentation.
  • With the help of our platform, we assist you in having an overall perspective on the document situation, signing status, and when new documents need to be drawn up/signed.
  • We offer you the possibility to sign documents legally, using a system accredited by the Ministry of Romania.
  • Document templates, for all needs and requirements.
  • Bi-monthly meeting, free of charge with all interested parties to provide information in the field of OHS and digitalization. Free registration here.

Occupational safety helps in the wellbeing of employees, is legally mandatory, and serves to prevent accidents.

Let's collaborate!

About us. Who are we?


  • We are an IT company dedicated to the digitalization of occupational safety services.
  • A team of engineers, salespeople who implement tailored solutions for real-world problems.
  • We have experience with over 50 clients, and we continue to grow.
  • Open and willing to make changes in the application, to accommodate any requirement and need.
  • We are your partner for occupational safety and digitalization.
  • We strive to be there for you in any situation and offer support 24/7 between 8-18.
With the help of our platform you can:
  • Have all documents updated in accordance with current legislation. We help you manage the documentation directly from the platform, and we provide dozens of templates, which you can reuse/update at will, for free.
  • Simplify how you manage your documents. We help with an online space where you can easily manage all your company's documents.
  • Sign documents digitally without any effort, using an EU-recognized signature system.
  • We offer you free access to the platform and to the access of document templates, free of charge.

Let's collaborate! We provide tools for free, to help you be prepared in any situation.

International implementations for occupational safety. To view, please click here.

Existing functionalities of the occupational safety platform:

  • Electronic signature systems, from DocuSign, providing legality and legal certainty for any signed document.
  • Document templates, free of charge.
  • The ability to sign documents via SMS or email
  • Electronic calendar and future actions - to make sure you don't forget a document for a specific date.
  • The ability to generate documents electronically, from anywhere and on any device (phone, tablet, laptop)
  • Many other functionalities.

Our system allows the management of all services and signatures, without any further configuration, which makes document signing extremely easy.

You can use the platform for free, you have access to all functionalities, except for the electronic signature, which has a fixed cost, per document.
For more details about prices, our offer can be viewed here and is 100% transparent.


First and foremost, financially:

  • Saving transport costs and time => money.
  • Speed and promptness => no need to wait for employees, or try to find them.

Secondly, you provide and ensure safety:

  • You always know the status of each document.
  • You receive notifications for all documents you need to generate => you won't miss a document with an incomplete date.

Legality and speed:

  • Using an online system, you can access the platform from any device, anywhere and anytime, the only thing needed being an internet connection.
  • Access to any document, from anywhere, at any time.

By using our application for the digitization of OHS services, you have access to a fast, safe, and inexpensive environment. We invite you to join us!